Dreamers & Renegades

November 4, 2007

Directed by: Isaac E. Gozin
D.O.P.: Rik Zang
Production: Caviar
Editor: Stijn Deconinck

Producer: Ivy Vanhaecke
Production Manager: Bo De Group
Production Assistant: Shana Duprez
Assistant Director: Peter Ghesquiere
Second Assistant Director: Bart Vandael & Tim Mielants
Camera Assistant: Colin Leveque
Focus Puller & Clapper Loader: Stefaan Druylandts
Second Camera Operator: Manu Albert
Chef Elektro: Joost Hendrieckx
Best Boy: Elke Dams
Sound: Caroline Pellecom
Decor: Susan Tanghe
Assistant Decor: Jonas Baekelandt
Costume: Vanessa Evrard
Make-up: Kelly Fierens
Catering: Veerle Bryon, Lieven Bulckens, Joris Bryon, Kevin Haesendonk
Development: Studio Equipe
Color Grade: Olivier Ogneux @ Studio Equipe

Thanks to: alle figuranten die de koude trotseerden in de nacht van 20 op 21 oktober, Caviar, BFC, Fuji Film, Spots Unlimited, Studio Equipe, Talent & Vision



October 18, 2007


Raymond by bif-pictures

Stick to it, don’t fast-forward.

Much Love.

September 5, 2007

Sorry for the radio silence. Work. Good.

This little video. Effingbrilliant.

We might be having a boner now. If not that at least goosebumps.

(c) 2006 – Pride Of Arizona

Poupi Part 2

June 25, 2007

Poupi Whoopy

As promised the second batch of pictures taken by Givinplenty at the Poupi Whoopy openingnight.

Poupi Whoopy

June 9, 2007

Poupi Whoopy

Thanx Poupi, for the Whoopy good times.
And thank you Balbaard for the invite.

Till July 1st @ Transit in Antwerp:


note: check back soon for loads of opening night pictures by the one and only.

[UPDATE]  First batch of pictures is in!

Dagen Zonder Lief

March 30, 2007

Go see it soon. And not only for my new mancrush. ‘Cause there’s also her. And it’s a great film aswell.

What made us feel warm and fuzzy and all sorts of other things?

March 15, 2007

It really did

Love Your Localest Hero

February 6, 2007

We couldn’t wait any longer, it has waited long enough, time has rushed by like a speeding train, we’ve been lazy, but fear not…


has been updated
(there is nothing wrong with your computer monitor: it’s really true, we’ve updated)

& ofc there’s plenty more to come, just give us another year or two.
Thanks for sticking around,
and remember:
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dly dlrs

Milow – You Don’t Know

January 19, 2007

Quicktime & iPod version coming soon!

Directed by Isaac E. Gozin
Director Of Photography: Rik Zang
Production by Jonathan Vandenbroeck
Edited by Stijn Deconinck

Don’t Be A Stranger

January 8, 2007

We’d love it if you could make it.
And remember: bring clean underwear!
Daily Dolores

ps: feat. the premiere of the new video for You Don’t Know by Milow